24 Hour Mtn Bike Race
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Boy oh boy, 24 hours of riding a mountain bike on a treacherous 7 mile loop. Sounds fun, eh? Well it was a blast! Myself, Peggy, John E, and Phil decided to approach this race as 24 hours of drinking with a few laps in between. Unfortunately we were the only ones who showed up with kegs, and there didn't seem to be too many other folks partying. Stinger was our support and managed to keep the beer flowing and the grill smokin' the whole time, despite no water in his body and cracked lips every time he smiled from dehydration. We elected John to do the first lap since he bikes the most, the LaManns start just about killed him but he made it. The course was quite technical and in several spots you could see marks on trees from handlebars and pedals. The course wound up an old ski mountain and you could see other riders, or their headlamps, at various points. Oh yeah, you could also hear screams and twisting metal from crashes! Laps were taking us anywhere from 47mins to 1:31. Stinger kept threatening my life if I didn't get faster laps despite the beer intake and being up for hours on end!
We were the only camp that didn't have bike racks, whole tool chests, and a designated mechanic. Instead we had 2 kegs of Bristol, brats soaked in beer, and a can of WD-40. All in all we were very pleased with our results and stamina throughout the weekend. We ended up doing 5 laps each, and Peggy even did one with a huge turtle shell on her back!

After 1st Lap After John's first lap, a well deserved beer

Camp Our highly technical camp...2 kegs,1 can of WD-40

Phil's intense training The only training and conditioning involved

John after LeMans start John sucking some wind after the LeManns start

Stingers post race kegstand Wouldn't have been the same unless Stinger ended the weekend with a kegstand

After the race...still drinkin' All laps done!

Post race Post-race

Yep, needs air John's professional advice, "Yep Peggy, needs air"