Bach and Eagles
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"Pure rediculousness" would be the only way to describe this w/end! Combining a weekend-long bachelor party with an Eagles/Broncos game was the perfect combination. Cassel and Billy flew in from Philly and between the two of them, Rocky, Stinger, and myself we were the only ones to be able to hang the entire w/end for the festivities. About 5 different people puked Friday night after constant shots at Rockyard Brewery (including Steve puking ON the bar), Stinger lost his keys twice and escorted himself out of the Eagles game. There were more Eagles fans partying in the parking lot then Broncos fans! Guy was wandering around Castle Rock at 3am trying to find our house then eventually slept in the back of the VW bus. Paintball was a blast with Cassel getting pegged between the eyes, him assaulting me from about 3 feet away including one in the mouth, Guy and I attacking Stinger when he was gun-less. The rented van should of been torched by the way it looked Monday morning. Colossal Cathrine was our companion the whole weekend as well! Stinger almost died attempting to stuff an entire Carl Jr's burger in his mouth (successfully).

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