Cancun 2013
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Part 2 of our "Snow to Sand Spring Break" brought us back to the Crown Paradise Club all-inclusive resort in Cancun. This year the Hendler's were coming along also! It was an easy trip down to Cancun and we knew what to expect at the airport and getting to the hotel. Just like last year, the check-in went smooth and it wasn't long before we had margaritas in-hand and checking out the ocean from our balcony, this time in the opposite tower. It was a bit overcast and windy, but still a decent temperature. We walked around, got some food, and dipped our toes in the ocean. On Tuesday we hit the awesome breakfast buffet then walked a couple blocks to the El Rey ruins. Not nearly as impressive as Chitzen Itza, but just a walk away and tons of iguanas. Miles tried to get close the the iguanas and dropped bread down their tunnels. A fun way to spend a couple of hours. Back at the hotel we went for a swim then waited for the Hendler's to arrive. Within minutes they were there and checked-in, Greg and I celebrated our 20 years of friendship with shots of tequila and had one for Megan, since she's prego. We showed them around the resort and hit the beach, the wind was really kickin' up and the waves were rough. A fun evening with lots of laughs, too much food, and over-serving ourselves. We managed to stop at every bar we walked past and came away with handfuls of drinks each time. Note to self, never do a "stuntman shot" again.
Wednesday was just plain chilly! We had fleeces on and tried to stay out of the wind and occasional rain. Miles did manage to pee on the putt putt golf course (because he couldn't wait) and broke a club by accident. Plenty of eating, of course, and Miles diet consisted of Corn Pops, chicken nuggets, and cheese quesadillas. Despite the cold, Miles and Molly braved the pools and played at the pirate ships kids club. A much more toned down evening, since we got the ridiculousness out of our system the night before. The sunburn from the day before felt not so great.
Thursday and Friday's weather was much more Cancun-like! Sunny skies, light breeze, and warm temps. We bounced between the pools and ocean while building lots of sand castles, sand turtles, and digging holes. Miles wasn't too interested in the ocean this time, though I did manage to get him in some waves. Molly got a new turtle-floatie and wouldn't let it out of her sight! Greg neglected to put on sunscreen and turned several shades of purple. The kids splashed around and had a blast. We saw the Mexican Michael Jackson show, and watched the beach fire show from our balcony. We were only able to make reservations at the Italian restaurant, it was okay this time... though a bit late for tired kids and the food wasn't as good as last year.
Saturday morning came way too soon and after breakfast we got our tequila soaked bodies to the airport for plenty of waiting in Cancun and Houston, then home. Another fantastic trip to Cancun, and we'll definitely be back for more in a couple years!