Devils Tower
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While driving North out of Colorado, Wayne and I looked through the atlas to find something cool to check out. Devil's Tower won and we were there later that day. We tried to find a guide so we could climb Devil's Tower the following morning, but they were either not around or booked up. Guess we'll have to come back later! Instead we checked out the visitor center and did the short hike around the tower taking pictures from all angles and sides. Yes, it looks like a giant pile of mashed potatoes with fork marks down the sides! To top off the evening we hung out with park rangers and the locals at the happenin' bar called the Ponderosa in Hulett, WY right outside of the park. We had a great time and met some cool folks. Even got a 2am tour of the local museum from the owner and his wife. We slept in the field next to the climbing guide we met and took off the following morning for Montana, groggy but with good stories to share.

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[Devil's Tower]        [Granite Peak]        [Yellowstone]        [Grand Teton]