Goblin Valley area
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March 20 – 24, 2022

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Plans for Spring break were up in the air after we couldn’t find affordable flights to places we wanted to go, an expensive truck repair bill, Miles was sick, and just plain tired of being on the run so much lately. But of course we couldn’t stay home during a week off so we headed to Utah! We left Sunday morning and drove 7.5hrs with just stops for gas and lunch in Glenwood Springs. We setup camp just off of Behind the Reef Road near Temple Mountain and explored a bit before grilling dinner and retiring to the tent early since it was too windy for a fire and it was downright chilly.

Monday morning we made a fire, cooked up some breakfast, and walked down the road to Temple Mountain campground where we would start our loop around the peak. In the shade it was still freezing cold. This area previously had several uranium mines around and we explored the old equipment and mines. Up to a saddle and to the backside of the mountain we found an old cabin and car. As we kept going around the peak we were surprised to find several other old cars. The Utah scenery never disappoints. After about 4 hours and 8 miles our loop was complete and we were back in camp to chill and pack up. We had reservations at Goblin Valley campground for the next two nights, so off we went. Our site was tucked back next to huge cliffs which surround the entire area. Chili for dinner, more wind, and reading and trivia in the tent. The wind was roaring all night and kept waking us up.

Tuesday morning warmed up quickly and we headed to the Valley of Goblins to explore. It’s such a great area with no trails and you just go wherever you want and explore the cliffs, valleys, and hoo doos. There were several mounds in the area and we found our way up each one of them with 360 views. Back to camp for music, relaxing, Frisbee, and then laughing hysterically at Willow falling asleep while standing up. Jean snuck in a shower while Miles and I kept to our agreement of not changing clothes the entire trip. Barbacoa quesadillas were delicious and fortunately there was no wind that night.

Wednesday morning we ate and packed up, heading down the road a short distance to the trailhead of Little Wild Horse and Bell slot canyons. Holy crap these were fun! The trail leads up Little Wild Horse canyon and keeps getting more and more narrow until you can touch both sides and the walls are dozens of feet high. Just a little bit of scrambling around and a couple spots to hoist Willow up and over. So cool. A couple hours later the canyon widened and we followed a 4x4 road to the top of Bell slot canyon. Bell canyon wasn’t as narrow but equally as cool. About 4 hours and 9 miles later we were back at the trailhead. Just down the road we found a great place to camp and did the usual relaxing and Frisbee. Burgers for dinner and chilling around the fire before another night of no wind.

Thursday morning we packed up our gear with sand in every nook and cranny and hit the road for the long trip home. It was welcoming to not have a cell signal for 4 nights and another great trip to Utah.