Hanalei Bay and River
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The final thing we wanted to do on Kauai was some kayaking. Recommendations pointed us to the Hanalei River for a few miles of paddling upstream then back downstream. We chose "Kayak Kauai" out of our guide book. We were pleased to find that we could paddle from their property, then either right onto the Hanalei River or the Hanalei70-Hanalei.jpg (130228 bytes) Bay! We chose....both. First we went the mile or so downstream into the Bay where we paddled around checking out the few boats, nice beaches, and the superb views. We beached for a bit to relax then paddled around to the front of the ultra-resort and classy-looking Princeville. Back to the mouth of the river and upstream we found coconut trees lining the sides and all sorts of roots and strange looking trees dipping into the water. Several locals were fishing along the way. In some spots, the trees hung down so close that the kayak could barely fit through. The river kept getting narrower and the turn-around spot is when you can't paddle anymore. After a while (and too much sun) we were there. We just tied off to a tree and had snacks in the boat and walked around the shallow water. During the leisurely paddle back downstream we saw a 73-Hanalei.jpg (154180 bytes) bar/restaurant that was open and a spot where we could easily pull the kayak up! At this point the kayak went on auto-pilot and next thing ya know we were having a couple beers. After that we somehow missed the turnoff for the side stream that would lead us back to "Kayak Kauai" and almost got back into the Bay. Oops.
The day before we saw a sign around this same area for $2 beer/taco happy hour and looked all around for it. The sign was tiny but we somehow found it at a really cool place called Zelo's, complete with an acoustic guitar player and a real open air feel to it. It was one of those places you could just tell was a cool hangout. After a beer/taco and some76-Hanalei.jpg (136744 bytes) familiar tunes we headed back towards Kapa'a stopping at the picturesque Kilauea lighthouse before Lydgate Park in Kapa'a to shower and change before dinner and a late flight out of town. A final MaiTai with dinner and we were driving slow towards the airport when a quick scan of the radio found a Dead-Head hour! So we drove right past the airport and enjoyed the tunes till we absolutely HAD to leave. What an amazing way to end an amazing trip.....

71-Hanalei.jpg (222265 bytes) Paddling around the Hanalei Bay 72-Hanalei.jpg (111060 bytes)

74-Hanalei.jpg (116612 bytes) Nice and easy paddling up the calm Hanalei River; Kilauea Lighthouse 75-Hanalei.jpg (149559 bytes)