Hut Trip
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Oh man, what a trip! Let me tell you, hauling a 90lb 1/4 barrel of beer 3 miles on a sled is harder then climbing a 22K ft peak! No joke. Especially when the first 1/2mile is all rocks and dirt, there's not too much sliding going on there. Regardless, for my alcoholic friends (and I) it needed to be done. After about 4hrs, 3miles, and 1200ft vertical we got to the Lost Wonder Hut at 10,840ft just east of Monarch Pass. The Hut is a really sweet place with 2 floors, bunks/beds for 10 people, no running water or flushing toilets, great views, wood stove and tons of wood, and out in the middle of nowhere. 
For five of us we had a ridiculous amount of food and liquor on our backs: 1/4 keg of beer, 1/2 gallon of wine, bottles of Jagermeister, Tequila, and Vodka; 3lbs of bacon, a dozen bagel, 2 giant freezer bags of chicken fajitas, rice, 24 fajita shells, 2 giant freezer bags of meat sauce, 3lbs of spaghetti, 2 loafs of Italian bread, 4lbs of lunchmeat and cheese, carrots, apples, oranges, and TONS of snacks and munchies. Our goal was to finish it all in the matter of three days and two nights...we had our work cut out for us!
We basically each had our duties: I was on bacon patrol, Pete cleaned up, John cut wood (at 7-fuckin' a.m. in the morning), Stinger cooked dinner, and Peggy ate snacks. We were joined by Diane, Bob, and Jen on Saturday who (luckily) brought more liquor and plenty of stories and laughs.
Well, the keg was gone in less then 24 hours, piece of cake. Plenty of drinking games and frequent breaks for food. Even a break so John and I could climb the slope opposite the hut to ski/board down. Without incriminating anyone there were several hysterical incidents including: Denali eating chicken fajitas out of the snow (fresh from someone's stomach), a carrot that was in a belly button then eaten immediately afterwards, chugging of tequila at a ridiculous rate, snorting hot sauce, vodka snow cones, hot apple cider and rum drinks, an absolute mess made of the outhouse and cleaned up, digital breast pictures, drunken Jenga, plenty-O-Klack, 11 Advil a bottle of Pepto several Pepcid in one swallow, and many many more that none of us can remember.
Sunday came and it was time to pack up and get back down to the cars. This was much easier without all that food and booze on our backs! The talk of margarita's came about, so we had to stop at The Loop in Manitou for margarita's as big as our face on the ride home.

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