James and I both had a free Friday so we checked out some ice that neither one of us had been too. Moffat Tunnel is outside of Rollinsville, its short yet steep and has a few different options of routes ranging from WI2-4. Parking at the tunnel we knew the ice wasn't far and it seemed like it would be obvious to get to since we could see if shortly after leaving the car. The recent snow covered up any tracks and soon we were up to our crotch in snow. For the next 90 minutes we swam around knee to waist deep snow hardly making progress. After we gained a bit of elevation we contoured the slope until we stumbled upon the ice. That kicked our asses! The ice was a bit wet but nice and sticky. James led up the left side, anchored a tree, put in a directional, and we proceeded to do a bunch of laps. It was awesome to take some swings with James new Quarks and old Nomics. both are awesome tools. I didn't have leashes on my old Quarks, and over-gripped way too much. For the first time in several years, I peeled off the ice not once, but three times. Not sure what to blame that on though. It wasn't exactly a "wilderness experience" since the fans from the tunnel were howling most of the time, and when they weren't, a train was blowing by. A fun day, but probably not a place that we would go out of our way to get back to.

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