Ice Climbing Hully Gully
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James and BK came down for some laps. The cold night temps made for some fat conditions.

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Hully Gully came in fat this year (as seen from Mt Cutler) and Kevin came down one day to lead it, and for some laps, before heading to Bristol and The Incline. This is the first time the bottom pitch has been climbable for years. It was getting a bit wet, so we had sticky picks, and it didn't seem like it would be climbable for much longer.

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A last minute call from James and a willing sis-in-law to watch Miles had us at Hully Gully for Jean's first time at this ancient chinese secret. Old Stage Rd is closed at the bottom due to the flooding, so a hike was added to the approach. Way fatter this year and even the bottom was in, haven't seen that in a few years. There were a couple other groups there, so James lead the right side and we did a few laps on toprope followed up for a couple brews at Bristol.

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Took Kyle to Hully Gully for his first taste of ice climbing. We rappelled from the large tree to setup a top rope on the smaller tree. Once hanging over the edge it was apparent that the ice was only a couple inches thick and only covered the top third of the climb. Waaayyyy too thin. So we rapped down, tried the mixed climb, hiked back to the top, and did a couple short laps on the top by lowering each other in. Sad to see HG so dry.



A morning session at Hully Gully to work up an appetite for Christmas with James, Kevin, and Brian. The ice is coming in nicely. Brian and James led both sides then we did several laps on TR before climbing out and having a couple beers and lots of laughs at Bristol. Kevin bled all over the ice after taking a couple chunks to the lip/nose. James pictures.

A last minute idea from Hoot had us out on Hully Gully early Sunday morning. Getting thin, but still plenty of climbing left there as it freezes over nicely each night. TR'ed a few laps down the middle and on the delicate and thin left side. Felt great! Hoot's pictures.

Spending most of the winter on skis, but got out with Wayne and James to Hully Gully on this fine Friday morning. We were surprised to see two cars there already and even more surprised to see a couple folks setting up three top-ropes! Apparently a class from PPCC was on their way. Luckily, it'd be about an hour before the got there so they were kind enough to let us jump on their ropes. We each got a couple laps in and the ice was mighty fine and sticky. Once the dozen students showed up, we headed over to Silver Cascade Falls for some easy ice. James did the first lead, then convinced me to do a "sport lead", then Wayne did a lead. A couple more laps and we headed out. Great to have such fine ice close to home!

Got a freebie day off from work and Wayne and Rob were up for some ice climbing down at Hully Gully. Out of practice and figured it would put a hurtin' on me, but felt great and had a ton of fun on laps all across the ice.

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Couldn't get ice climbing off of my mind after getting out last week with James. I was off work on Friday, Wayne was available, and my Mom was willing to watch Miles for a few hours. Perfect! Since neither Wayne or I lead on ice, we tied two 60M ropes together and rapped in over over the top flow for some nice long laps. A warm day with sticky ice and the place to ourselves. Sweet!

Having a newborn baby hasn't allowed much time for ice climbing this year, though James and I got down to Hully Gully for a few hours of nearby fun on ice. The top flow was in real nice, the bottom flow was thin and had a gapper. We were the first there, and it didn't take long for three other groups to funnel in. Being a small place, it was great that everyone was so nice and willing to swap ropes so everyone could get laps in. Obviously my first time out for the season, as over-gripping and too much swinging led to a big ole case of the Screaming Barfie's in my hands. Ouch!

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James Just and I were finally able to coordinate schedules and get out for some ice climbing on the elusive Hully Gully near Colorado Springs. The place is a well-kept secret and definitely for good reason! With directions in hand, we searched it out and were very pleased with what we found after a couple wrong turns and scree-skiing down technical dirt. The first pitch is about 50-60ft in real good shape with very sticky placements. James led it like a pro and belayed me up while we waited for a couple guys ahead of us to lead the second pitch. The second pitch was about 100-110ft and quite vertical, but sticky and good shelves for feet. James felt confident that he could lead it and flashed through it without hesitation. Now another fun surprise for us... a very short section of ice on the right and rock on the left, this section got us up and out of the climb with giant smiles on our faces. We had so much fun that we hiked back down to the midway point, set up a top-rope, and did several laps on the bottom pitch. Climbing in just light gloves and a long sleeve shirt was great! We played on the rock on the left, ice in the middle, and cave on the right before calling it a day. What a great gem close to home and in great shape!!

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