Ice Climbing Ouray 2007
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Jean had two weeks off work between jobs and I needed a quick vacation... so off to Ouray for some wonderful ice climbing! We did the drive down on Saturday and relaxed the rest of the day. Sunday we woke up to about 6" of new snow and after the usual great breakfast at the Comfort Inn we spent the day climbing a fun and completely vertical route in the Schoolroom (#2). It was crowded but we were able to do a bunch of laps before our sore arms called it a day. Monday we climbed #10 in the Schoolroom then headed down to South Park for a couple less crowded, but just as fun routes. The first one was a bunch of mixed rock/ice and pretty difficult. The second had a fun little overhang that made the arms scream. Tuesday we headed back to the Schoolroom for a couple laps on #8 before the long drive back home. Another overhanging icicle to do a chin-up over and a thin pillar up top.

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