Jean and I dropped Miles off at school then went right to Silver Cascade Falls for several laps on some easy local ice. A perfect way to spend Valentines Day!

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At Hully Gully a guy was telling me that they have been moving hoses to fatten up the farmed ice at Silver Cascade. When Jean's brother was in town we took a walk up check it out and I was blown away by how amazingly huge Silver Cascade ice has gotten! Holy Crap, about 4x bigger then I've ever seen it. Jean hasn't been on ice in a couple years so we left Miles with Baba and Grampa, and headed out for a few hours of ice bashin' fun. We set a top-rope on the left tree and did a few laps, then moved the rope over to the right tree. WI1-3 and good ole fun and practice. After a few hours of laps we packed it up and headed out just as a large group was arriving for a class.

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