Kapa a
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Determined to do some surfing somewhere in Hawaii, we used our first day on Kauai to stick close to the hotel and see what was around. After stopping at a couple surf shops, we were told it would be easier to go to the Nawiliwili beach and rent from a guy who rents boards by the hour instead of by the day.  All we wanted was to get tortured and chug down salt water for a couple hours. This worked out well and soon we were paddling along on 10'6" foam covered boards. We were sticking close to the beach and the guy came over and pointed WAY out and said to "paddle towards the folks out there, you'll get hurt in here". Okay, thanks for the tip! We were in another spot when an older surfer with a gold tooth paddled past and said to follow him or else the current would drag us into the wall. Thanks again! Soon enough we were in the correct spot waiting for waves. It's so hard to judge where and when they are going to break so you paddle like mad when something looks good and just hope for the best...easier said than done. Then paddling back out you get smashed over and over by the other waves! What fun! I was able to stand up a few times for longer than I thought I'd be able to, and Peggy was getting close over and over. Regardless it's still a bunch of fun. After about an hour, we drank enough salt water and got tossed around enough to call it a day.  We paddled in, returned the boards, and headed to the bar on the beach.
After getting back to the hotel, we headed right off the grounds to Lydgate Park for some easy and good snorkeling. The snorkeling area is protected by a circle of boulders so people won't get sucked towards Antarctica. It wasn't as impressive as Kealakekua Bay, but still really cool.
Sorry!, no pictures here. I was too busy swallowing salt water.