Kealakekua Bay
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Having never snorkeled before, I was psyched to give it a try. My book suggested the best snorkeling was in Kealakekua Bay near a monument for Captain Cook. To add to the coolness factor, you had to kayak over to the area where the snorkeling was best! We rented a double sea kayak and headed for the drop-in just a bit south of Kona. The water is bright blue/green and crystal clear, beautiful! The water was just 03-Kealakekua.jpg (185018 bytes) a bit choppy and we were keeping an eye out for the dolphins that are often spotted in that area. It's only a mile across the bay and we were one of the first boats over there at the giant white obelisk. Once there you just pull your kayak up on the shore, walk a short distance to the snorkeling spot, hop11-Honaunau.jpg (165530 bytes) on in and prepare to be dazzled! It was AWESOME! Just like looking into an aquarium with all the bright colors and tons of different and colorful fish. I was having so much fun that I burnt the crap out of my back and the back of my head from bobbing around in the water for hours! We brought lunch with us and did a short hike around before snorkeling some more then paddling back.
With the boat still on the Jeep Wrangler we kept heading south to Pu'uhonua o Honaunau. This place has a ton of history and really cool ground to walk around with old statues, buildings, and sea turtles.

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Pu'uhonua o Honaunau 12-Honaunau.jpg (123811 bytes)    13-Honaunau.jpg (173486 bytes)    14-Honaunau.jpg (147316 bytes)    15-Honaunau.jpg (142451 bytes)    16-Honaunau.jpg (177922 bytes)    17-Honaunau.jpg (197693 bytes)