Kili-Day 2
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After not much sleep it was a little overcast but seemed to be clearing at Machame camp that morning. Pretty wild looking in the distance with the volcanic ridges and 025-Kili day2.jpg (105789 bytes) clouds that settled around them. The porters cooked up an amazing breakfast then it was time to pack up and start on the trail to Shira camp out of the rain forest and through the moorlands. Seemed like some stuff was finally drying but that would soon end! Not long into the hike it started raining again. The trail wasn't as much mud and mixed in with a lot of rock. Pretty steep in a few spots and a tiny tiny tiny bit of scrambling. Pretty cool how the scenery changed from rain forest to mostly rock and tall skinny trees. Yummm, mystery meat sammy's for lunch.
After only about 4.5hrs we got to Shira camp out on the Shira plateau around 12,600ft.027-Kili day2.jpg (116880 bytes) The clouds and fog kept rolling through and we got some real good views of Uhura Peak and the glaciers coming off near the summit. Still pretty damn far away! Once again we were fed a ton of great food and I managed to get a little bit o' bouldering in on some wet slimy rocks before seeing an awesome sunset. I was able to fall asleep pretty easily, but was awake to the sound of synchronized coughing, tent zippers, and snoring for most of the night. Oh well, still life is grand.

026-Kili day2.jpg (88609 bytes) Loo with a view; tree at Shira camp 028-Kili day2.jpg (146449 bytes)

029-Kili day2.jpg (74786 bytes) View of the Peak from Shira camp

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