Kili-Day 3
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This morning in Shira Camp we got awesome views of Mt Meru in the distance and the031-Kili day3.jpg (44541 bytes) sun coming up on the glaciers and snowfields of Kilimanjaro. Yep, still 032-Kili day3.jpg (80926 bytes) looks way far away. Today's 5.5hrs of hiking was great for acclimatization, starting out around 12,600ft we would ascend towards the Lava Tower, top out around 14,900ft, then follow part of the Southern Circuit descending and going in and out of valleys towards Barranco camp at 12,900ft. The tree's basically disappeared and the trail lead through fields of "lava bombs" and loose volcanic material. Had a fun day with August the guide mocking our names and singing ridiculous songs with us. The cliffs036-Kili day3.jpg (182874 bytes) below the lava tower looked like they could've served up a few days worth of great climbing!
Rain? Of course! But not till after a clear and warm start, and not as bad as the other days. Besides it wouldn't have been the same without it?! It cleared up right before we dropped into the Barranco valley where camp was. Again the clouds and fog kept rolling in. Looking down the valley you could see them coming up, then we were in the middle of them, then it would be clear again and we could see them continuing up the valley above us towards the headwall of the glacier. Throughout the day we saw plenty of those "ground something-or-others" and another plant/tree that's in all the books.
The porters still chug along doing an amazing job. Kinda makes you think about all the crap we bring up a mountain compared to what they bring for themselves and make out just fine?! Getting colder each day and the nights are real clear to see the stars. Being south of the the equator all the constellations are upside-down. (Well okay, I only know "Orion" but it was upside-down)

033-Kili day3.jpg (38800 bytes) Not a bad view from the crapper; thirsty porter 034-Kili day3.jpg (104679 bytes)

035-Kili day3.jpg (76456 bytes) On the way to Barranco camp; those Groundsel things 037-Kili day3.jpg (123262 bytes)

041-Kili day3.jpg (158887 bytes) Barranco Valley; looking up Barranco Valley 042-Kili day3.jpg (245236 bytes)

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