Lincoln Falls
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Finally got a chance to do some ice climbing at Lincoln Falls near Breckenridge! Myself and Jean were planning on heading there for some top-roping and managed to hook up with George and Doug of for some greatLincoln falls03.jpg (157947 bytes) ice climbing. Hearing avalanche blasting from Breckenridge most of the day we managed to climb the huge flow down the middle and top-roped once we reached the top. After breaking trail through some deep and steep snow, we were at the base of the flow. Doug lead the entire route and the three of us followed. The ice was in good shape and fun climbs. From the first belay spot we did a quick hop over to the tree's where we belayed the rest of the climbing after Doug lead them and set up some anchors for top ropes. Lincoln falls04.jpg (97017 bytes)The ice was pretty brittle in spots, but in really good shape overall. It was a cold day with alot of wind, but what do ya expect in the middle of January! After a long rappel down we got Denali and headed back to the warmth of Jean's truck before some great food at South Park Saloon. A fantastic day of ice climbing with good folks and surprisingly enough, only one other person climbing!
On Saturday I met up with Wayne at 6am in Denver for more fun at Lincoln Falls. As expected there were quite a fewLincoln falls05a.jpg (88253 bytes) other cars there and we slogged up the now well beaten path to the base of the falls. This time we hiked up the descent chute all the way to the top and set up a top rope on the same climb from Friday. As were were up there, George popped over the top of the climb and said they were on their way out and we could use their spot. Perfect! After a few runs we topped out and moved the rope over to the Grade Lincoln falls06.jpg (145168 bytes)5 Pillar. This climb was more vertical and pretty picked out, but it was really cool looking straight up at the different features and shapes in the ice. Instead of swinging the ice tools, it was mostly finding secure spots to simply hook them on. After this climb my arms were completely fried and Wayne did another run up the rock/ice of the side. Off to the Breckenridge Brewery for beers and grub before a c-c-c-c-cold night of camping before climbing a 13er the following day.

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