Lost Wonder Hut 2013
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Part 1 of our "Snow to Sand Spring Break"... more of just a coincidence of reserving the hut in the Fall, then wanting to go to Cancun during Miles Spring Break. Regardless, we figured this would be a great trip for the kids since its just 2.6miles and 1200' gain up to the hut. The EIch's unfortunately had to drop out at the last minute due to sick kiddo's. On Friday we picked up Miles from school with the car loaded with winter gear, sleds, skis, snowshoes, and tons of food... and headed up near Monarch Pass to the trailhead. Jean was towing a sled full of food and I was towing a lightly loaded sled knowing that Miles would end up in there before too long. We plodded along slowly in snowshoes for about 100ft then Miles decided he wanted to ride in the sled. There's a couple short hills at the beginning then the trail just cruises along slowly through the beautiful snow-covered forest. Miles fell asleep. After a couple of hours we were at the avalanche apron coming off of Mt Aetna and knew we were close. A few minutes later we were at the hut where the Stergius' were getting settled after their snowshoe/ski in. We unpacked while the kids played in the snow then Miles and Erin tore into a bag of candy on one of the top bunks. Shortly after the Soderman/Edwards crew were pulling in also. The evening consisted of the kids playing in the snow caves and tunnels while the adults had drinks and laughs. John cooked up a huge batch of pasta with a delicious assortment of topping, enough to feed an army. We all crashed somewhat early.
Miles started coughing in the middle of the night and didn't get much sleep. After we were all awake we got the fire and hot water going again. After eating some oatmeal with pecan butter in it, Miles said his mouth felt weird. He played outside then started coughing and having a hard time breathing. He puked and was really freaking out, so we packed up and headed down the trail. Back at the car he seemed okay, so we headed home. Once back in Colorado Springs he had a hard time breathing again, so we landed at the ER for a breathing treatment and an inhaler. Unfortunately we had to leave the hut a night early and didn't get to play in any of the fresh snow, but it was the right choice since his cough and breathing trouble wasn't clearing up on its own. We'll try again next year!