In August of 2000 I embarked on a trip to Mt Rainier with the intentions of climbing it. Unfortunately the people who I climbed with talked about it more than they really wanted it!! We had flawless weather and perfect conditions. The first evening we got on wrong trail and hit our turn around time only at around 12,500 feet. "No big deal" I thought, get back to Camp Muir, sleep, eat, and try again. After all that's what we scheduled an extra day and food for. By the time we got back everyone was "demoralized" and didn't think they could do it. At first I pleaded, that didn't work so I begged, then I got pissed and yelled, then I tried them all over again in a different order. I would have gone up myself but that would have gone against everything I was taught in preparing for this trip

Regardless it was a great experience, the best was waking up at 11:30pm and seeing a full moon behind me, and the Northern Lights in all its glory and beauty in a 180 degree half circle around me. Talk about spine tingling!! Lesson learned: don't climb with people you don't know real well!

View from afar Very majestic view

Walking through clouds Climbing up through the clouds to Camp Muir

Above the clouds In the snow fields on the way to Camp Muir

Huge ass crevasse H.J. on the way down right after the ladder crossing

Little Tahoma Little Tahoma on Mt Rainier, by far my favorite picture

Deep down Into the depths of the glacier

12,500 feet Sunrise on Rainier

Geared up That's me!

Absolutely Awesome! Best part of the trip! First bounce was about 35 feet down. Yikes!!

Mt. Adams Mt Adams in the distance