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A recent article in the 9/03 edition of National Geographic Adventure about Hyponatremia states, "The victim is typically a gung-ho lunkhead determined to hike the Grand Canyon in a single day."   D'oh!

Myself, Guy, Eric, and Chris wanted to see a lot of the Grand Canyon but without taking much time off work. The solution was....a Rim to Rim to Rim run! Starting at the South Rim we went to the Colorado River via the Bright Angel Trail, up to the North Rim and back to the river via the North Kiabab Trail, and back up to the South Rim via the Bright Angel Trail. It's suggested by the rangers "to not attempt to hike to the river and back in one day", but we really weren't?! There's a few water stops along the way so we didn't have to carry more than 60oz's at any time which was nice.
We started at 3:20am and got to the river in about 3hrs covering the 9+ miles, probably could've been slightly faster but most was by headlamp so we would finish in the daylight (hopefully). People were looking at us with wide eyes like we were crazy when we mentioned to them what we were trying to do. Took about 4.5hrs to cover the approx.14miles to the North Rim. We were eating like champs and laughing the entire way, mostly at ourselves and various nonsense. We got back to the river in only 3.5hrs despite the 80+ degrees and blazing sun. At this point we were dragging pretty good, but once again the humor kept us going! Back up the Bright Angel Trail was quite a bit slower but we made the 47 miles and 11,000ft elevation gain in a total of 15hrs and 47mins. We figured that we ran about half of the total distance. Besides eating dust, counting steps, and jumping over water stops, most of our time was consumed with handing out "Wah, my pu$$y hurts" awards, and conversations about Camela Toe (don't ask, its a long story), incest among the Brady Bunch, Donkey Punches, and Monkey Butt.
One of the funniest parts was the following morning when we were taking showers at the campground in separate stalls with about a dozen other folks when Guy shouts out, "Hey guys, I'm really glad I lubed my ass yesterday because it doesn't hurt at all!"
The pizza and beer was fabulous that night and we all limped around and groaned most of Sunday on the ride back to Colorado.....

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