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After as good as the previous day was, this was a day to relax and visit the various beer gardens in the different valleys. First stop was to the train station to see what our options were to stay in Grindelwald another night, success!, but we would have to catch the 5:30am train the next day. After breakfast and some packing we headed back up the Pfingstegg Gondola but hiked in the opposite direction to get to the Halsegg beer garden. It was a nice easy hike and the weather was beautiful once again. Got there and relaxed on the porch with a beer taking in the views. Next we hiked down to the Hotel Wetterhorn and caught a bus that was heading up the long curvy road to the Grosse Scheidegg. The bus had this crazy 3-toned horn that he hit before every turn to let the bikers know we were coming. The road wasn't very wide and popular for mountain and road bikers. Chillin' on the porch drinking beer once again and taking in the views. Got to see a different side of the Eiger and the Mönch behind it including the knife-edge ridge John and I climbed the previous day. Nice. Behind us was Schwarzhorn and Wetterhorn standing tall.
Rumor had it that a beer fest was going on in town so that was our next stop. Can ya see the common theme for this day? The beer fest had just started when we got there and ran into John and Helen for a few local brews, music, and real bratwursts. Talking to one of the workers he was saying how easy climbing the Mönch was, awww man! I think he was lying. After a few more beers we headed back to the hotel to finish packing before dinner and one last stop at the beer fest. I was really hoping to see some more Um-Pa bands and folks in lederhosen's blowing those gigantic wooden horns on our last night in Switzerland, no luck. Unfortunately vacation was almost over but it sure was a blast the entire time..........

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193-switz day3.jpg (105041 bytes) Typical Switzerland building; Our hotel 194-switz day3.jpg (67549 bytes)

195-switz day3.jpg (110623 bytes) Grindelwald from a gondola; A gondola and The Eiger 196-switz day3.jpg (93865 bytes)

197-switz day3.jpg (69745 bytes) Lots of cows with big bells; View from another beer garden at Grosse Schindegg 198-switz day3.jpg (92732 bytes)

199-switz day3.jpg (53612 bytes) View of The Eiger and The Monch 200-switz day3.jpg (61586 bytes)

201-switz day3.jpg (116210 bytes) Beer garden and The Wetterhorn

202-switz day3.jpg (58726 bytes) Sunset on our last night in Switzerland 203-switz day3.jpg (54936 bytes)

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