Team Terrapin
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Fueled by beer
Start slowly, then taper off
Undefeated in post-race partying
Win or lose, we still booze
Train on race day

Team Terrapin Application:
1. How many hours do you drink a week?
2. How many hours do you NOT drink a week?(If answer 1 is bigger than 2 please continue, if answer 2 is bigger than 1 forget applying)
3. Are you capable of doing keg stands?
4. Where does "Terrapin" come from?
5. Have you ever done enough bonghits to go blind and/or temporarily retard?
6. Does thinking about fire excite you?
7. Have you ever burned something just to watch it burn?
8. Does your bicycle repair kit consist of more than WD40, a tube, and a joint?
9. Are you willing to die by the phrase "win or lose we still booze"?
10. Do you have fancy new, tight, racers clothes or comfy, duct-taped older clothes?
11. Do you choose races based on their difficulty level or post-race party?
12. Would you admire and respect a support person who can stay up for over 24hrs and intake nothing but beer and brats?
13. If your name is “Robby” do not complete the application. Rob’s, Bob’s, and Robert’s, are okay. Robby’s, no way.
14. Does the thought of midgets with mullets make you giggle uncontrollably?

Original Members:

Jeff: mudbud2.jpg (40033 bytes)          Peggy: mudbud4.jpg (36275 bytes)          John: byc5-3.jpg (100028 bytes)

Honorary Members:

Stinger: moab2002-09.jpg (66142 bytes)     Phil: 24hr-intense_training.jpg (95417 bytes)     Tim: (no picture)     Junko: (no picture)     Jake: (no picture)