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*GULP* Well, the day was here and for some reason I wasn't nervous at all! Jean and her sister went to get their hair done and I hung out with the boys for the day. Before we knew it, it was afternoon and time to get in the penguin suit for pictures! It was about 18 degrees out with light snow, so my Dad picked a cool spot right outside of their room for the outside poses. Next was taking turns of tons of poses in front of the fireplace for an array of pictures. They all turned out great and we're sorry that my Dad lost sleep while waiting for them to get developed! D'oh! It was a nice and relaxed atmosphere with the families hanging out and having a good time. Friends started to funnel in and get drinks in their hands while the girls went upstairs for some wine and laughs before the ceremony.
Pastor Weber was right on time and we got people into their seats and things underway. NOW I started to get nervous! I was really hoping I wouldn't pass out and kept reminding myself to breath deep and keep my knees bent. Stinger walked our Mom's and Gramma Frank in to be seated and next Jean and her father came in. WOW, this is really happening!!! Neither Jean nor I could tell you a single word that the pastor said or the vows, its all a blur from nervousness. For the readings, both of our Mother's cried, just as expected! One of the few things I do remember is Stinger and Lori smiling at us and keeping real cool. Soon enough we put the wedding bands on each other fingers (with more hand fumbling, of course) and it was official! Everyone clapped and cheered and it was time for the celebration to begin! WHEW! Open bar started and an awesome dinner of NY strip, pasta w/ shrimp, or pork loin was next. There were lots of laughs all night long and the drinks were flowing. Lots of people met who have just heard stories of others before. Thank goodness for all the pictures, because like most people say....ya don't remember your own wedding!

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